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--Dedicated to the students of Claremore Public Schools, for their education and enjoyment.

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"Love Letters"

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Congratulations to the Sound of Music Cast!

Tickets on sale to Season Ticket Holders on Tuesday, March 22nd.

Tickets on sale to the Public on Tuesday, March 29th.

Maria – Shelby Choat
*Captain VonTrapp – Hutch Helbig
*Mother Abbess – Devon Hinds
*Sister Sophia – Katherine Perry
*Sister Bertha – Alyssa Brown
*Sister Margaretta – Hannah Stadler
New Postulant – Brittney DeCoux
Nun 1 – Kenlee Claborn
Nun 2 – Michaela Smith
Nun 3 – Katelynn Piccolo
Nun 4 – Brittni Bisceglia
Nun 5 – Natlie Evans
Nun 6 – Lauren Kuykendall
Nun 7 – Janine Shinn
Nun 8 – Lexy Harris
Nun 9 – Madison Lamarche
Nun 10 – Sarah Smith
Nun 11- Kyra Powell
Nun 12- Katie Lauer
Nun 13 – Bailey Minor
Nun 14 – Hailey Drake
Nun 15 – Kateln Hall
Nun 16 – Gabriella McCaughan
Nun 17 – Kenlee Walker
Nun 18 – Jamee Barham
Nun 19 – Edie Titsworth
Nun 20 – Shylynn McClellen
Nun 21 – Sydney Terral
Novice Nun 1 – Whitney Leuellen
Novice Nun 2 – Brooklyn Doonkeen
Novice Nun 3 – Glorie Reichert
Novice Nun 4 – Keri Anne Elliott
Novice Nun 5 – Emily Wofford
Novice Nun 6 – Jula Preston
*Elsa (Baroness Schroeder) –  Laurel Reynolds
*Max – Connor Blakely
*Rolf – Cole Chandler
*Liesl – Brooklyn Peterson
*Friedrick – Keith Wiginton
*Louisa – Caroline Crum
*Brigitta – Sydney Cuttler
*Kurt – Harrison Queller
*Marta – Josie Spear
*Gretle – Avery Early and Sunny Smith
*Franz – Keegan Patton
*Frau Schmidt – Rae Cannon
*Ursula – Madison Lamarche
*Baron Elberfield – Gerald Thomas
*Baroness Elberfield – Lillian Myers
*Admiral von Schreiber – Tristan Lawrence
*Herr Zeller – Brian Varner
*Frau Zeller – Lexy Harris
Nazi Soldier – Dylan Ward
Nazi Soldier – Tim Holliday
Nazi Soldier – Devin Her
Nazi Soldier – Josh Black
Nazi Soldier – Brady Johnson
Nazi Soldier – Alex Cook
Party Ensemble
Josh Black
Brady Johnson
Natlie Evans
Lauren Kuykendall
Dylan Ward
Janine Shinn
Alex Cook
Sarah Smith
Kyra Powell
Kaltzberg Kinder Sängerz
Morgan Wiggs
Jordan Abshere
Addison Bainbridge
Hannah Kropp
Shayna Sanders
Kendall Wallace
Ryan Black
Alex Henning
Campbell Crum
Caleb Croyle
Ethan Croyle
Claire Hardage
Millie Henry
Carly Leuellen
Connor Hopper
Infinity Campbell
Rylee Beavers
Natalie Schubert
Elissa Hollaway
Gabe Carroll
Mattie Long
Ocean Blair
Trinity Lakey
Gillian Quellar
Katie Bains

Upcoming Events

Tribute Naitonal Talent Competition

Main Theatre

February 5, 2016 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

February 6, 2016 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

February 7, 2016 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM


SRES - 3rd & 4th Grade Musical

Main Theatre Lobby

February 22, 2016

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

(School Performance)

6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

(Public Performance)

Free to the public

Love Letters

Main Theatre

February 13, 2016

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Section 1: $24; Section 2: $22

Students: $10 Anywhere!



The mission of the Robson Performing Arts Center is to promote arts education for the students of the Claremore School District by providing a safe, technically proficient venue. It shall also serve as a resource for the community at large and contribute to the cultural vitality of the city of Claremore and its surrounding areas.

The Robson Performing Arts Center is operated by the Claremore Independent School District for the primary purpose of serving the educational needs of the students within the district. When the RPAC is not being used for district activities, the facilities will be available for use to all individuals, organizations and corporations on a non-discriminatory basis.