Robson Performing Arts Center Fun Facts & Figures

--Dedicated to the students of Claremore Public Schools, for their education and enjoyment.

The facility will seat 1,100 patrons.

It includes approximately 70,000 sq. ft. of floor space.

There is over 3,000,000 cubic feet of interior volume.

The building is over 75 feet tall, 250 feet wide and just under the length of a football field long.

It includes 14,389,650 pounds of concrete with 300 tons of rebar.

The structural steel building frame weighs over 2 million pounds and is connected by some 4,000 bolts.

There are over 4,000 sheets of gypsum wall board, which translates to 128,000 sq. ft. of drywall surface.

There will be 2,500 empty paint cans when complete.

There are approximately 550 fire sprinkler heads for safety.

The project includes over 1 mile of plumbing piping and 4 miles of wire.

And finally, when complete, there will have been nearly 400,000 labor man hours expended, which means that if the building were built by one person, it would take he or she 200 years to complete.

Compliments of Key Construction Oklahoma, LLC

The mission of the Robson Performing Arts Center is to promote arts education for the students of the Claremore School District by providing a safe, technically proficient venue. It shall also serve as a resource for the community at large and contribute to the cultural vitality of the city of Claremore and its surrounding areas.

The Robson Performing Arts Center is operated by the Claremore Independent School District for the primary purpose of serving the educational needs of the students within the district. When the RPAC is not being used for district activities, the facilities will be available for use to all individuals, organizations and corporations on a non-discriminatory basis.